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Spinning on Quadra

A couple of days ago my Gramma Betty (my moms ex-hubby of 13 - 14 years, mom. although they haven't been together for 15 or so yeas I still consider them to all be a part of my family, hell I still call my moms ex my step dad, he's just my other step-dad ;) ) called to tell me that her spinning group (meets on Quadra on Thursdays) and the spinning group that I had been going to in the fall before the weather turned (meets on Tuesdays also on Quadra) were doing a combined meeting today on Quadra. I was so glad that she had called and told me about it as I haven't been to Quadra for spinning since... well I'm not actually sure it's been so long. Maybe since the end of November? I don't know, but it's been quite some time since I had been spinning. And I was so excited to go spinning with gramma as that's just something that I have been wanting to do since I started spinning but her group isn't really open to new members. So gramma told me just to meet her at the ferry and get my walk on pass and then just hop in with her to save me the car fare for the ferry. This was so nice as I haven't seen or spent any time with gramma Betty in years. I was just so excited to see her she got out of her car as I was walking up to it and even though I was carrying my wheel and two bags she just grabbed onto me and gave me the biggest nicest hug.... It was wonderful, I almost had some tears for her as it had just been that long. well WE had a great time just the two of us on the drive to and from the spinning get together. The spinning get together was wonderful. All of her spinning girlfriends are just a great group of women. I had actually met two of them before at my spinning group as they come to tours to help us all along with our progress. So I actually new a few of the women there, instead of not knowing any of them, it was great to not worry about learning 12 new names while I was concentrating on my spinning. Well all in all it was a great day and the time flew by like you wouldn't belive and before I new it it was time to pack up and hit the road for the ferry. Oh I almost forgot in addition to the two groups getting together they had  also invited Lynn of Pagan Creation over to have a sale of her fibers and wares... it was a really nice sampling of her fibers, dyes, books and tools... she is also a very nice woman to have around, she didn't bring her wheel but was very happy to just sit back and enjoy being part of the group and listen to and watch all of the wheels spinning. (honestly it is very relaxing) I didn't go overboard with my spending either so this was good, although I'm not sure what I will make with the fibers that I did purchase. 

All in all we all had a great time and I was very happy to see the women from my spinning group and they also seemed happy to see me. I felt very privileged to have been invited to this gathering of spinners.

The day spent with Gramma Betty was such a treat I do hope that we can do it again soon.

I will take pics of my fibers tomorrow and add them to this post then.

Namaste Zuma & Oh Snap!


My Namaste Zuma came this morning! WOW! that IS some fast shipping I placed the order on Friday the 9th in afternoon
and the shop keep told me that it wouldn't go out until Tuesday as they don't ship on Mondays. So here it is first thing on my doorstep Wednesday the 14th! I was very surprised as I really didn't think it would be here this quick at all.

This bag feels so oh so very nice and wonderful... it is a faux leather, but unless one was aware of this they wouldn't guess.....
The size is great and it has some interior pockets and a front zippered pocket with accordion type pockets.
It fits on my shoulder beautifully and has a great magnet closure... I am so ready for a new bag and one that will not only act as a purse but will also carry my knitting projects comfortably.....


Of course I have taken pics..... and the color is very true in all of the pics :)

The front

Zippered pocket in front with accordion type pockets inside

The back

The inside

Oh Snap! set mesh pockets with snap closures.

Well I'm off to swap my purses out!

Love, love, love my Namaste Zuma & Oh Snap!

Oh, Oh, Oh.... I almost forgot! I ordered this all from the Beehive Wool Shop www.beehivewoolshop.com/  out of Victoria BC  and they packaged it up so nicely and they didn't even charge me shipping on top of the great phone service and fast shipping!

Gifts of Kindness

Amanda gave me this great little daily calendar titled Little gifts of Kindness. It has a little quote or nice saying each day. Today's quote has caught my attention, As I have been invited to a spinning get together on Thursday. I would really like to attend but then thought that it might just be to much of a hassle to go and work out getting the kids organized after school (especially with Kayne having gym on Thursdays now at 3:30) But after flipping the calendar and seeing today's quote I do believe that I will do my best to make it work :)

"What tickles you inner artist? Set aside time to "tickle the artist inside"

So there it is I think the gods are speaking to me today as I haven't spun for well over a month and a half now.

Dogs and treats

So I find these oh so old dog treats. They are similar to a raw hide but not nearly as bad as a raw hid, they are called RollOvers... They are a treat that you would give said dog and they would chew it and love it for the rest of the day. Well not my Maggie she has successfully and completely consumed the whole thing in under 3 minutes! Jackie on the other hand is in fact chewing hers and will probably loose interest in it and then Maggie will swoop in and gobble it all up before Jackie even know what hit her. For a treat that is meant to be savoured and loved for the rest of the day Maggie sure has made fast work of it... oh and the sound coming from her the loud chewing, crushing this thing I say just crushing it. She's just a little to happy to get any kind of eatable offering. And just like that it's all gone not a crumb to be found and she's off to get a rink and ask for another, whilest Jackie lays back loving her treat.


My Christmas was very nice and quiet. The kids were very happy with all that they received from everyone involved.
Kevin was home, mom and Marshall were able to come over for an afternoon visit and presents Pa came by for the afternoon, presents, turkey dinner and dessert.
We all enjoyed ourselves very much so... well I did somewhat.
Not that I want to be an ungrateful recipient but really come one Kevin went out on Christmas eve to get me a or some gifts.. I don't really know what his plan was. Then again I don't think he new either.In the end on Christmas morning I was rightfully disappointed in his efforts.. honestly I didn't want to be and tried really hard to not but but come one he went out and bout me some gym type clothes from Superstore (might I add that they were on clearance) he gt me a top, pants and a warm up coat... all very nice except for one thing they were all XL's I'm telling you he is clueless when it comes to sizing as well maybe before I was that size but really I haven't been anywhere near that size for a couple of years now. He also went to Mark's Work Wearhouse and got me a very nice blouse in an XL and a very nice knit type zip up hoodie also an XL I quite liked both of these things but when I went to exchange them for my size they just didn't have them in stock anymore. Needless to say I ended up getting full refunds from both stores and being cranky for the rest of the day. Kevin did on the other hand take the kids to get me this great organizing bag for scrap booking or crafting of sorts, I outright told him that I wanted one so he followed through with the kids. Now if the roles had have been reversed and I was buying him some kind of bag to hold 101 themed items I would have purchase or at least gotten a gift cert for said items from said store... nope Nada not a thing in the bag. Yes I really like the bag but was truly surprised when I looked through the bag and realized that he hadn't put anything into it. I still have the bag and will keep the bag for my scrap booking and various crafting tools.

I hadn't even considered what I would then get to replace all of the returned items when this morning I was checking my Ravelry page and Brenda had made a blog post   brenda.typepad.com/close_to_my_heart/2009/01/bag-review.html   about her new bag. I just couldn't resist clicking on the link she provided... and I tell you this bag looks like it's the cats ass! I have been looking for so very long now for a new more manageable handbag / purse. I ended up having a look see at the dealers in BC and was able to locate a store in Victoria, The Beehive Wool Shop  www.beehivewoolshop.com/index.html  that carries the Namaste line (although not the complete line) and they had the exact bag that I had been eyeing! In the right color and everything! I ended up going with the same bag as Brenda (sorry Brenda, I hope this won't bother you)
The Zuma bag in Lime! I just love the coloring and the way the bag looks like it will work beautifully for what I have in mind. Have a look at the link www.namasteneedles.com/products/handbags/handbags.php  I also ordered the Oh Snap! This is three varying sized mesh snap bags to hold whatever you like. As I placed my order today (Friday) and they don't have anyone in to do shipping on Monday it won't go out until Tuesday. But being that the shop and I are both on the Island It should be here by next Friday! I can hardly wait. I will be sure to post some pics of it when it arrives!

All in all I have a happy ending to my Christmas gift fiasco, as the total was approx the same as what I had returned.

Yay for doing your own shopping.

Kayne's Thursday Gymnastics Class

Kayne had his extra Gymnastics class last night. It went very well and he would like to move over to this class asap. The only thing that he said against the class is that the other kids are annoying... this might really start to get to him but well just have to see how it goes. The other kids ages range from 6-11 I believe, the six yo was so teeny tiny beside Kayne it was a bit amusing when they were doing these jumping exercises, especially when the things that they were jumping over was higher than the little guys waist. Um no he didn't make any of those jumps, they were so tall that the last one Kayne didn't even clear. But one thing is said for the little kids they are pretty flexible in ways that Kayne isn't, but then Kayne has his own flexibility that is unique to him weather or not it will be beneficial to his gymnastics or not I don't know.

All in all he had a great time and wants to keep going to that class and stop going to the regular recreational class. In February the classes will go from being one day a week at 3hrs to two days a week a 3 hrs each Kayne is stoked! He also feels that it won't be a problem with his Hip Hop class that is also on Tuesdays approx 30 min's after the gym class. Although the coach did say that Kayne could head out early in order to have a little bit of a break and some food before his dance class... this is good.

The coach seems to have a pretty clear vision of what he wants to do with the boys. This I appreciate very much. In the end he would like to see these boys helping coach at the club as quite a lot of the older girls are doing, but no boys really as they haven't had this kind of program offered before for the boys, just for the girls.

So for know we have a boy that is looking very much so forward to being challenged in his gymnastics class and being able to use the skills and strengths that he acquires in gym in his dance class as well.


Downstairs Bedroom *Kayne*

Well the bedroom has been moving along quite nicely this week.

With Dean getting all of the walls mudding completed and today we are getting the ceiling up!!!
It actually is starting to feel like a real room now , especially with out being able to see the floor joists and all of the insulation that we put up for sound proofing between the two rooms (up down that is).
We will soon have the girl up and the boy down. Who knows how that will go but we have pout in a lot of extra insulation to help deaden the noise that they produce in efforts to annoy each other.

Soon, soon, soon!!!!!

Downstairs Bedroom *Kayne*

Kayne's wanna-be bedroom has been coming along very well over the last two or so weeks. It has been really good ever since we got going on the bathroom and whilest Dean was working on the bathroom I took the time to empty out the wanna be bedroom. This is a different kinda room as it is L shaped. Measuring this room for flooring is fun... or not.
The entire length of the room is 16' 3", you would think that was a good measurement but uhm no not when it's combined with the top part of the L it just makes for a difficult room as the top part of the room is only 5'9" across.

a diagram of said L shaped roomCollapse )
    I went to his gymnastics class a bit early to watch a bit before picking him up and at the end of the class all of the kids came off of the floor except Kayne. He was still out on the floor talking to his coach (Rob) and I was to far away to hear and couldn't tell if he was catching crap or getting praise, so I asked the assistant coach if he was in trouble and she assured me that in fact he wasn't but didn't indicate what they were talking about that seemed to be so serious. After a couple of minutes they both come off of the floor and Rob asks me if I have a couple minutes to talk to him and that Kayne isn't in trouble at all and quite the opposite actually! So off we go down the hall away from all of the other kids and parents. Rob then proceeds to tell me that Kayne has come leaps and bounds and that he is doing so very well in the class and he is moving ahead of all of the other boys at such a fast pace that he would like to invite Kyane out to the boys pre-competitive class to try it out and see what he thinks. Rob only has 6 boys in this group but would really like to include Kayne in said group. He was so enthusiastic about Kayne and his progression in the class and was concerned that he would advance faster than the other boys and become bored and not want to attend gym anymore because of boredom. Kayne would really like to try it out as he says that he does tend to get bored as it is and he's still learning at this stage of course but he is just picking it up so much faster and easier than the other boys. The class is on Thursdays from 3:30 - 6:30 and Kayne was all "Yup I really want to try this and see what it's all about!" He's so excited about all of this and really wanted to call and tell you all about it. So here I sit sharing all of my excitement for him. Rob and I have made a plan for the three of us to have another talk after the Thursday class and get an idea of if this is something that is or can work for Kayne, and of course if after a three hour class (his regular classes are 2 hours) if it is something that Kayne feels he would really like to move onto.
This is so exciting for the boy!


Christmas Eve record

Well I must say this is a record for me... normally I am awake until around 2 am on Christmas eve... but alas this year it is 11:30 and I am done! All the wrapping is done.. everything is underthe tree kids are in bed.. and I will be in bed as soon as I log off :)

Good Night all!
Merry Christmas, may you have a restful sleep tonight.

eta: almost forgot... no cookies in the house so we put out some Trisciut Pepper and something or other crakers, cheese and milk.. too funny! I ate the crackers and cheese and let the dogs take turns drinking the milk... Kevin found it all rather amusing.

for real I'm going to bed.

gnight ;)