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Well here it is the big announcement that I have been absolutely dying to spill!.....

But I just couldn't do it here until I told all of my girlfriends at knitting group tonight :)

I still need to tell my spinning group and my ladies groups and won't be able to until next Tuesday and Wednesday respectively now....

So here it is after holding it in for close to two weeks....

We are pregnant!
Yes you read that right :) we are, we are, we are!

After a little bit of trying (like one cycle) and vola! WE did it :)

My EDD is Sept 25... so that puts me at 6 weeks tomorrow.

Kevin asked me to wait to spread the news until he came home from AB so after picking him Monday afternoon and then the kids from school... I went straight over to my Pa's place and told him and the kids together.... You might say that I had a different way of telling them I told them that I had come down with a condition over the last month that was causing me to pee a lot but that it should clear up in 8 months or so.... and my dad right away got it... he was all your pg?! That's really good Billie was all I new it!and Kayne well he was all no way! that's cool :) I told Pa that this was is very much intentional...and that we are happy... he was happy too!

So we get home and Billie gets on the PC (with permission might I add) and immediately changes her MSN status to "mothers pregnant" I ask to to be a bit more polite about it... as she typically calls me mother but I don't care for it.. and well it was sounding a little on the cold side... so she made it a bit nicer and I get to thinking well she's on the phone right now with my step-sisters daughter and OMG what if she tells her mom and then she calls our parents! F*** so on the phone I get and I NEVER call the parents at night only in the am... so I do some basic chit chat with my mom and then ask if  Marshall (my step-dad) was home and and ask if he could also get on the phone so that I could say hi to him but for mom to just stay on the line because it would only be a second.. so again with the mindless chit chat and a bit of can you hear me oh I couldn't hear you just to make sure that they could both hear me... and then I give them the same line as I gave my Pa and the kids... and my mom is all "OH GREAT!" totally doesn't get it and thinks that I have some illness now or something of the like and Marshall right away gets it and say "are you pg?" all excited and happy sounding... and then mom finally clues in ... boy oh boy did that ever give us a laugh... they were both very happy for us and mom perked up a bit after realizing that I wasn't actually just calling for idle chit chat :)

So the long of the short of it is

We are pregnant... I had my first midwife appointment today and it went well ... I have already got a decent amount of stuff lined up or in the works for hen I will need it... Kevin and the kids immediately went through the name book and Billie got on the PC and was looking at names , so they already have a boy  and girl list.... I have 8 months approx to go and have already done more in the first couple of days of sharing the news than we did a month before the kids were even due..... this is good

Now for a smooth pregnancy and delivery :)

I have tried and tried to get the pregnancy ticker to load to this page but I just can't... oh well....

I do have it on my main profile page if you want to check it out... it's pretty neat :)

eta : So weird I did actually post this last night... but for whatever reason it just wouldn't show up on the main friends page, it did however show up on my main page???? but cmon I wanted it to be seen.... ;)



Jan. 29th, 2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
Congrats! I wondered when I saw you asking for diaper patterns ;)
Jan. 29th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I have been perusing all of the CD sites and info that I could find and have asked twice to joing the clothdiapering comm... but have yet to hear anything back....