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rolla_cameron's Journal

I have two kiddies a 13 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. Both of my kids are great, they both have their highs and lows when it comes to making me happy. Mainly they are well behaved, mannered, and a couple of social kids, my daughter is more social but that's usually how that goes.

I am married and have been since 2000 to my kids dad, so that is good. I guess we just had to try it on for awhile before we really did the marriage thing? I don't know.

I am currently an at home mom. After a year of working very full time it has been a nice break to be at home, even if that includes being a serious taxi driver for the kids, maid service, record keeper, accountant, cook, event planner, landscaper, dog trainer / groomer...ohh how the list goes on. Really though I have always been all of those things, maybe just a little bit more so these days, but hey that's OK.

I have recently re-discovered knitting and am truly enjoying it ;-) I will burn up and entire morning....afternoon....or evening or hey why not the entire day! I must say I rather enjoy my knitting. I have a fondness for all types of yarns and have real issues with choosing colors. I have yet to figure out the knitting lingo , the terms and techniques and what and how the yarns are all generally used.
None the less I do really enjoy my time spent knitting.

I recently purchased my first spinning wheel an Ashford Traditional. It is a very nice wheel although a bit awkward to carry around but a good wheel. I have been teaching myself how to use this new to me tool and with some questions asked I think I haven't done to badly getting comfortable with it.

I am not the best when it comes to spelling, typing or grammar, but really I think that my point usually gets across. Part of this I will attribute to being cold as I sit in the basement right now with very very cold hands trying to type this.

I enjoy my journal, even if I can't get to it for a few days, when I do I enjoy that time. I have a friend (Amanda) that kept telling me how much I needed a journal, really any kind. So I asked, she pointed me this way and and here I am.

I'm not sure if Amanda (kandi_bomber) realizes just how right she was, you sure hit the nail on the

Taaaa Daaaaaaaa! ................

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