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Downstairs Bedroom *Kayne*

Well well well.... I do belive that the boys rooms is finally done or at least close enough to done that I can't tell the difference ;)

Kayne and Kevin moved his bed, lamp, stereo and clothes down last night so that he could sleep in his new room as Kevin leaves today to head back to AB.

Kayne was so happy to get to sleep in his new room last night... when I went down to help him set his stereo clock it was soo freaking cold down there that I actually hoped under his blankets while I helped him hehe. I hope he doesn't freeze while he sleeps. When I left his room and he was all tucked in an laying there all happy happy... he asked if I was going to turn off the light that is just outside his door? Like with the uhm mom your not going to turn off that light yet right? Very cute, so I left it on until I went to bed and I do think  will pick up a night light of some sort today so that I don't have to leave on said light all the time as it isn't just on light on that switch it's two. I will also measure for his window covering today since he is at ground level now I really don't like the idea of just anyone looking in the window at him when he's sleeping or whatever.

So all in all the room is done and the boy is happy happy!

I'll take some pics today sionce it sunny out.