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Downstairs Bedroom *Kayne*

Well Kayne's bedroom has really taken some shape over the last 2 weeks.. we have a new sub-floor on top of the super uneven cement floor that was out 2 inches! all of the crown moulding is painted and was hung today. The window molding an ledge shelf also went in today and will be trimmed out and stained during the next couple of days, I painted the bottom portion of the room so that when Kevin came home is was done so that he could get to it and do his fancy pants paint job :) We ordered the flooring in on Monday so it should be here (in town that is) by the 6th and then it ill just take an afternoon to have it installed...and then the baseboard molding will follow that... very soon very soon... hopefully the boy can be moved downstairs by the time Kevin goes back to work... we'll see :)

I will be sure to take some picks of his wicked awesome painting when it's all done ;)